BTZ Tuebingen Expansion Riehle Architekten Rendering

Biotechnology centre expansion

Located in the northern part of the city in the immediate vicinity of the University Hospital and the Max Planck Institutes, Tübingen’s technology park is developing into a sought-after location and an attractive address for young, successful companies from the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology as well as medical technology and information technology. The biotechnology centre leased by CureVac is located in the heart of the rapidly growing technology park, and the planned extension complements the existing research building with flexible office space and a new foyer and conference area.

The limited allowable building footprint resulting from the close distance to the existing building and the extension’s exceptional location on the redesigned square in front of the astronomical observatory present both a challenge and an opportunity for the proposed expansion strategy: The interplay of a slender, skeletal linear building with external infrastructure cores, which provide both a functional connection and a compositional separation between the existing and proposed structures, affords good daylight conditions and a sheltered courtyard near the existing building and also defines a discrete, seemingly autonomous free-standing building as the new edge of the public square.

While the round architectural forms of the external infrastructure cores create a dialogue with the adjacent observatory, the linear building with its stacked versatile platforms exudes great calmness and seeks an expression of formal affinity with the existing building in terms of colouration and facade proportions. The sustained characteristic style of the facade is consciously interrupted only at the front end of the building, with a double-height foyer that establishes a clear entrance gesture and defines a new address and with a café/bar that activates the newly designed square in front of the observatory.

Client: Karl-Schlecht-Gesellschaft
Status: Under construction, completion 2023
Location: Technologiepark Tübingen
Gross floor area: 2,920 m²
Rendering: Nightnurse Images, Zurich

BTZ Tuebingen Expansion Riehle Architekten Site plan
BTZ Tuebingen Expansion Riehle Architekten Rendering
BTZ Tuebingen Expansion Riehle Architekten Rendering