Dienstgebäude Ev. Oberkirchenrat Stuttgart Riehle Architekten

Evangelical Campus Nuremberg

Riehle+Assoziierte, in collaboration with Carmody Groarke, has won First Prize in a competition to develop a new campus for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. Located close to the historic city centre of Nuremberg, the project transforms a typical 1970s office building into a new ensemble comprising two universities, regional administration and congressional facilities for the synod of Bavaria, a student hostel, a nursery and a public chapel.

The current urban condition and the image of the existing tower and podium building are illegible, unwelcoming and repellent to visitors. The proposed urban concept places a new public square at the heart of the composition, opening up the building complex via new pedestrian routes through the perimeter, presenting the Church to the surrounding as an outward-facing and welcoming institution.

In order to underline the building’s change of use from an office property to a new public campus and to present a new frontage facing the city, the proposal generates the required additional area by extending the podium vertically and the slab tower horizontally. These strategic additions suspend the former communicative division of the building complex, unite the podium and the tower to a formal entity and allow to connect the different uses within the building by internal voids and external gardens at various levels.

The new extensions made of light-weight timber structures and the deep timber loggias enveloping the new building form universally, remove the uninviting character of the existing building both inside and outside and improve the architectural image as well as the environmental performance of the new campus. Lightness, generosity and openness define the new, civic identity of the building ensemble and reflect the key values of the Evangelical Church.  

Client: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria
Competition: December 2019, 1st prize
Location: Nuremberg
Gross floor area: 38,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Renders: SLAB, Carmody Groarke

Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten Site Plan
Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten Courtyard
Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten Floor Plan
Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten
Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten
Evangelical Campus Nuremberg Riehle Architekten